A girl... ((One other person,Prefurably male))

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A girl... ((One other person,Prefurably male)) Empty A girl... ((One other person,Prefurably male))

Post by Kina Morane on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:20 am

Kina was walking one night in the town as she walked she noticed that is was around 11pm she looked around the town wishing that it would be morning soon she hated the night time. Kina saw many things a old shop,a diner,and a bar she decided that she would go into the diner for a bit. When she got in there she ordered a drink and some fries she normally doesn't like having fatty foods but she decided that today she didn't care she just wanted something to eat. Kina looked around the diner for a while before her food came as she looked around someone caught her eye it was a young male he looked to be 5 years old. Kina starred at him for a bit before she got up and went over to him he was playing a video game she joined him. Kina,after a while of playing with the boy went back to her table and started to eat.
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