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Post by EmiliaConchiglia on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:34 am

Emilia's Characters Beautiful-brunette-portrait
Name: Annie Rose Arias
Nickname: Some people call her Ann, but she REALLY hates that
Age: She's 17
Race: Caucasian
Height & Weight: She's 5'5" and about 115 lbs
Hair Color & Style: She has thick, dark brown hair that she usually wars down and slighlty curled
Eye Color: She has rich, milk chocolate colored eyes
Appearance: She just has her ears pierced and a small bird tattoo on her hip (like the picture, but its pink) Emilia's Characters Justin+bieber+tattoo
She isnt really tall, shes actually borderline short, but she can rock a pair of heels if she really wants to. She isnt lanky, but she isnt chubby either. Her legs are very strong (hence why she can pull off heels so well) from her playing tennis. Her stomach is flat and she has a smooth and sophisticated voice for a 17 year old girl.
Personality: She acts like the most outgoing person in the world, even though she isnt. On the inside, shes really smart and she pretty insecure about it. Shes really into theoretical physics and she reads aboutit in her spare time. She also plays the piano and does some other artistic stuff. She acts all tough, but shes really the opposite when you get to know her
IQ: 147
Sexual Orientation: Shes straight
Weapons: Shes a pacifist, so she doesn't like fighting
Abilities: She doesnt have any, she's just a human
Biography: She grew up in the big city (New York City). She was a very smart child, and skipped 1st, 2nd and 4th grade but she managed to graduate at the top of her class despite her young age. She went away to collage at Boston University and started to study neurobiology with a minor in theoretical physics. She was in her third simester when she got the call and learned that her parents had been killed by a drunk driver. After she attened the funeral and got emancipated, she decided that she just had to move away to try to forget everything that happened. She transfured to the University of Hawaii and finished out her majow and minor. Then she moved to California. She needed money, so she took any job that she could find. The job she ended up with was at a strip club as a witress. She is still sweet, but she is just doing what she has to to make money.


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