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Post by Blue Puppy on Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:34 am

Name:Fall Ki
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian
Identification Marks: Large cat-like ear and a HUGE(seriously it goes way over her head) wolf-like tail and a scar running over her left eye
Height & Weight: 6' 130lbs (underweight)
Hair Color & Style: Black with purple highlights, layered
Eye Color: Black
Appearance: Fall is very tall, skinny and wiry. She doesn't look it at first glance but she could beat you easy (well then again that is depending on the other person soo...). Her face is very prominent but still soft around the jaw line. Her bangs just outline her face making it easy to hide her face when needed and with her black hair making it very hard to see her face at night.
Personality:She is a very distant and cautious person
Weapons: Shadow Hammer ( Yes, she named her sword ) ~Great Sword~
Abilities: Telekinesis
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Family: Navy(Sister) Alexander(Brother)
Biography:((I'll do this later))
Pets: Knight
Breed. Black lab
Age. 2
Gender. Female
Photo. Blue Puppy's Characters Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdBLQaHP9CdiKa0hQktfP2WuRNBKYqcuQ71_K-P5mj5uX5rJ4q
Age. 2
Other: Always has her weapon with her

Name: Azure Navy Star
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: Caucasian
Identification Marks: A fox-like tail that goes up to her shoulder and a scar on her right cheek
Height & Weight: 5"6' 124lbs
Hair Color & Style: Azure main w/ silver tips and gold highlights Style- Short hair with small pigtail coming off the side reach just around her ears but not all the hair is in the pigtails
Eye Color: Blue outer ring green on the inside with gold right around the pupil with long but thin eyelashes
Appearance: Very skinny and wiry for her age. her pigtails come off right off the upper side part of head and the rest of her hair goes to her jawline. She has soft face that can look innocent no matter what the situation is.
Personality: Forward, confident, childish sometimes, loyal, very good with secrets, won't hesitant to kill
Weapons: Bow & Arrow
Abilities: Telepathy
IQ: 125
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Family: Fall(Sister) Alexander(Brother)
Biography:((I'll do this later))
Pets: Solox
Breed. Huskey
Gender. Male
PhotoBlue Puppy's Characters Healthy_blue_eyes_siberian_huskies_puppies_for_adoption_12542115

Name: Alexander
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Caucasian
Identification Marks: A large gash running across his chest
Height & Weight: 6' 8"
Hair Color & Style: Naturally spiked, Flame Red
Eye Color: Red
Appearance: He is a very handsome man. He has prompt and sharp features. His jaw line is a little far back and his eyes can look very cold, the bridge of his nose goes inward like most, his mouth is the only feature that has soft lines. All and all he is very good eye candy.
Personality: He is VERY protective of everyone he cares about he is also very loving and forgiving. You know the saying 'You just crossed the line' his is VERY hard to cross but if you do... RUN!!! HE does get angry, yes, but you rarely see his bad side.
Weapons: Steel Fist ( An steel bar going over his knuckles)
Abilities: Flame Throwing
IQ: 200
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Family: Fall & Navy (Sisters)
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