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I only have one character I use really, so, yeah… xD I have had her for almost two years, and she is very, very dear to me. I also have a website dedicated to nothing but massive amounts of information on her and that will be posted at the bottom of this post. Wink
I now present you with the one… the only… Emma Trenton Stone.

Once I'm done with her forum, of course. Twisted Evil


Birth Name || True Name: Emma Trenton Stone || Cytherea (translated- Evening Star)
Preferred Name: Emma
Nickname(s): Enigma || Em
Species: Fallen Angel
Physical Age || True Age: Nineteen || Unknown

Heritage & History
Father- Herald Joseph Stone
Mother- Belinda Marie Stone
Sister- Lillyanne Stone
Chapter One: Genesis
Emma was created as all other Angels were, however, it remains unknown exactly how old she is or when she was created. Shaped to the design of God, she was made to be the perfect tool for his ultimate plan for her. Created many centuries before the Great Fall, she was trained under the guidance of Michael the Archangel and grew to be almost as powerful. When she was made, he saw potential in her being and took the initiative to cultivate her into becoming as strong as she could without loosing control. During her early years as an immortal, she met another Angel who proved to be her greatest ally and is currently her oldest friend. Amber, or Aurea Aspiciat which means Golden-gaze in Latin, was the first to befriend Emma and showed her undying kindness and loyalty. The two bonded together fairly quickly and soon were inseparable; even during battles and training sessions.
However, when Lucifer and his band of traitorous Angels rose up against God and began a still on-going war between good and evil, the two were forced into different squads. Emma was a much better swordsman than Amber, so she was placed in an offensive rank where she got up-close-and-personal in the fighting. She was put up against many of her friends during the battle, but one stands out from the rest and still haunts her nightmares to this day.
Many years before the Great Fall during her training and growth, Emma had also befriended another Angel named Christian and inexplicably found herself fall in love with him, and he her for the most part. When she heard the news that he had sided with Lucifer though, her heart was broken and her soul nearly died from the sorrow. She knew that sometime in the battle to come, she would be put up against him in a test of her loyalty to God and all that was holy. This frightened her terribly.
As she had predicted, during the heat of the fighting, Emma found herself crossing swords with the one she was in love with. Both of them were struggling emotionally throughout the fight, not want to kill the other because of the love they both felt. But, in the end, one would have to fall, and the other remain alive, but with a broken heart. Despite the odds of being torn up inside and conflicted, Emma was the one who prevailed and defeated Christian. But when she couldn't bring herself to kill him, she did the only thing she could to save him from herself; she erased his memory of her and left him for Lucifer or another demon to find.
Every time she now sleeps, images from that horrible day reel inside her head and give her awful nightmares that often end up with her screaming herself awake.

Chapter Two: Human Life
Contrary to what many scholars on Emma say, she has lived the life of a human being and has felt almost every hardship a human has once felt. For several decades after the battle of the Great Fall, she fell into a deep depression and lost sight of who she really was on the inside. Still reeling from the loss of Christian and so many others, she left her celestial home and traveled down to the still newly created Earth with its human inhabitants. There, she hoped she would find some sort of scrap of her she was.
It took a few months, which is a very short time in the eyes of an immortal, for Emma to find what she needed to become herself once more, but she did find it. When she returned back to her celestial home, she returned with the longing to have the chance to live as a human on Earth. After telling God about her dream, He told her that when He believed she was ready for the chance, He would give it to her. With this new goal, she set out to reclaim her rightful place among the rest of the angelic ranks. During her depression, she had been removed from her seat in Dei Iustum Concilium (translated in Latin means, 'God's Righteous Council') and stripped of her rank in God's army.
Now back in business, she teamed up with her old friend Amber and began her path of taking back what she rightfully had. It took almost two centuries for her to gain her seat back on Dei Iustum Concilium, and another half of a century to reclaim her old rank. After doing and completing so much, she became one of the most respected and idled Angels to exist; even her old mentor, Michael, treated her with a higher level of reverence. At this point, God truly believed she was ready for her chance to live as a human. So, he took her aside one day and told her of his choice.
She has yet to thank anyone so much in her life.
Three weeks later after she was prepped and trained mentally for her new life as a human being, her soul and mind were placed into a human body and she was sent to Earth. During this time, it was around 164 A.D. and things were still settling after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Roman Empire. Emma was born to a commoner family made up of Herald and Belinda Stone who had been trying to have a child for many years. When Emma was born, it truly was a miracle for the family. She was raised as any other human child, her memories of her past life suppressed to keep her human life as normal as possible. And for the most part, Emma's human life was normal, save for the few frightening visits from the Roman Guards.
She grew up like any other human child and lived a happy life filled with many experiences both good and bad. She learned the love and responsibility you feel when you have a younger sibling when her little sister Lillyanne was born.
More importantly, she learned to love again. At the young, blossoming age of twenty-two, Emma fell in love with a humble blacksmith who's name was Marcus. The two courted for three years before declaring their love for each other in wedlock. The night Marcus proposed, he not only bought her a wedding ring, but forged a specially hand-crafted pendant on a necklace. That night, he made an oath on the pendant:
"I promise to love you forever; even after death."
Emma has never forgotten that oath he swore to her.
Not even a year later, the couple were blessed with a child. Helen Marilee Stone was born on September 5, 190 A.D. Emma's life would forever be changed after than one date, and that one little baby who would forever hold a place in her heart. The family lived a calm lifestyle and were one of the happiest. But, just when it seemed like things couldn't get any better, they suddenly and dramatically got progressively worse. When the land fell into a terrible drought, the whole community suffered. It got so bad, Marcus lost his job as a black smith because the Roman Empire claimed it after insufficient taxes. Then, when Emma's parents could no longer pay their taxes, Emma prayed to God that good luck would bless them. However, she was spied on when she prayed and reported to a squadron of guards. It had only been a few decades since Christ's crucifixion, and Christian's were still being pursued and killed for their religion. Thinking that Emma was still in the house, they burned down her parents home while they were still in there, burning them to death. This put Emma into another deep depression, except that with her human emotions, she was pushed beyond her breaking point and almost went insane. The chance was never given though, because a mere three days after the fact, the Roman Empire recognized their mistake and tracked down her home. Lat at night, they came and broke down the door, killing Marcus as he tried to protect his wife and child. Without any memory of her angelic training and in a human body with no powers, Emma was unable to protect herself and was at the mercy of the guards.
Corrupt and tainted beings that they were, the guards saw only a opportunity in Emma and murdered her daughter before proceeding to rape her, killing her as well afterwards.
This night marked the end of Emma's life; not only her human life, but her angelic one as well.

Chapter Three: "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman's Scorn"

Affection & Family
Relationship Status:
Emma has felt love; many times in fact. Sadly, she seems to have no luck in keeping an honest relationship for a long time. From this understanding, she no longer searches for love, nor does she want to find it after loosing so much.
Of every friendship that Emma has ever had, this Angel has been by her side through thick and thin; through the good, the bad, and the worst. She has been Emma's lifelong best friend and to this day remains as the only living immortal who knows every secret that Emma holds. Together, the two of them have been there for each other, always watching each others back.
The only link Emma has to her human side is her daughter's spirit. Still at the tender age of seven, Helen has been the one thing that Emma believes was purely good in her life. However, with Helen's death, many believe that was when Emma began her spiral down the drain of insanity.

Dynamics & Moral Reputation
Special Abilities:

Physical Abilities
• Strength-
• Agility-
• Speed
• Accuracy-

Mental Abilities
• Prophetic Glimpses-
• Intelligence-
• Senses-

Angelic Abilities
• Flying-
• Changing Eye-Color-

Moral Compass: Ever since the night Emma lost her daughter, her view on the world has been dramatically shifted. She no longer does what would be considered as the 'right thing' so much as she does what is necessary. She can be the hero; just not the one everyone wants her to be.

Special Feature(s):

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