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Post by JENOVA's SOLDIER on Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:09 am

When you're making your characters make sure you make a thread that says something like 'JENOVA's Characters' or something. Make it easy to understand and don't make a new thread for each character. Also, be kind to other people and don't comment on their character threads!! If you want to say anything about their character PM them or something. I personally don't like seeing people comment in a thread where I should be the only one posting.

I will be lenient with this sheet, but not much. I want these to be apparent if you don't just USE the following sheet for you character creation:

[b]Height & Weight:[/b]
[b]Hair Colour & Style:[/b]
[b]Eye Colour:[/b]

Picture: Is optional but may make things easier to understand, but just because you have a picture doesn't mean you can skip the Appearance section.
Name: Your characters name. First, middle, last. If they have a nickname they prefer to go by put it between their first and last name. (Example: Kai “K” Derac)
Age: Simply how many years old they are (ex.30)
Race: This can include either a species or a specific human race (Ex. Caucasian/SOLDIER)
Height & Weight: How tall the character is and how much they weigh, for most you will have to guess, like the weight of my character, but have it make sense, if it is completely necessary, HERE is a BMI calculator to make sure it all adds up. (ex. 6'1" & 155lbs)
Hair Colour & Style: Very simple. A hair colour and how they would usual wear their hair (Ex. Blond & Spiked)
Eye Colour: Very simple, I only want a colour (ex. blue)
Appearance: A description on their general appearance. Include their usual attire, skin tone, facial features, body type. Anything to help us understand the way your character looks.
Personality: How they act towards themselves, other people, their surrounding. Inner thoughts that torment them, etc.
Weapons: What they use to fight (ex. Masamune: a type of Katana)
Abilities: If they don't use weapons, maybe they have special abilities. These are enhancements of their physical power. (Ex. Control over the element Fire)
Biography: A description of the character's past. This can be as long as you want it to be, but please try to have it at least 5 lines. If you are using a character that already exist you can go ahead and use their past. Just...have them end up here, it's simple really.

You can of course go into more detail if you want. Or you can use a different layout, but I want to see something like this used. And try to keep away from the 'Meet me' description.


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