Death Shall Soon Come

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Death Shall Soon Come Empty Death Shall Soon Come

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:43 pm

Death is the hardest thing we must deal with

In this life

But we always pull though

Each life is given

and it will always come to an end

All we must do is await

when our own time comes

We shall not fear it.

We will soon be back home with our maker,

And the loved onse we have lost

Taken into a better place,

With no hate,

No pain,

No judgement.

Death may bring us pain

Down on earth

But the pain of our fallen ones

Has been relieved

Death will soon come for us all

So don't fear it when it does

Death is not something we wish to have,

But in order for us to live on

Death will need to lead us away.

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