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Post by JENOVA's SOLDIER on Fri May 25, 2012 10:40 pm

It was just a bustle of energy. Didn’t matter where in the building you were, there was chatter everywhere. There were people everywhere. You wouldn’t be able to blame them though; it was definitely a time for celebration. This sort of thing only came about once a year.

On the first few floors of the building people crowd every room enjoying themselves and greeting people, waiting for the beginning of the festivities. Everyone was waiting for the flashy entrance of the guest of honour. And flashy it would be.

“Jarvis. Let’s get this show on the road.” Tony Stark said as he jumped up on a platform he had had installed for… just such an occasion. He flattened down the front of his suit jacket and straightened his tie. Running his fingers through his dark hair he made sure it was that perfect amount of tousled before slipping on a pair of shades.

“Of course, sir.” Jarvis’ mechanical tone stated back before the ever familiar whirring of machines started up. A smirk crossed Tony’s face as music started up through the entire building. The ceiling above him opened as the platform he stood on began to rise. He stood so his back would be to his guests.

The platform rose and rose and he turned to the beat of the music as spotlights turned on him. Applause erupted through the hall. He had made sure this was as big as possible, that his face would be on a jumbo-tron outside the building, and his gorgeous face would be up in the sky for all of Manhattan to see. Oh yeah, this was the best birthday he had had in a while. Tonight was a night for forgetting how old he was and living like he was immortal.

A microphone rose beside him and he picked it up as he strode towards the edge of his platform. He held up his hands and soaked in the attention as people continued to applaud and cheer for him. “Thank you, thank you.” He said as he brought the microphone down to his mouth. “Now I had a whole speech planned out for you. But, heck, who am I to keep you all from celebrating.” He paused for a moment shooting a smile at a camera as it flew past his head, “So go on. A round on me. Have a great night.” He said putting a hand up and backing off of the platform. People cheered and he noted the bartender on the far side of the room taking out the glasses and beginning to pour the round for everyone. He put the microphone back on the stand before jumping down off of the platform.

“Now then, let’s get this party started.” He clapped his hands together rubbing them before looking around. He himself headed off towards the bar as well. People came up to him, offering hands and wishing him a happy birthday. He just smiled, accepted the handshakes and smiled that gorgeous smile of his. Finally getting himself to the front of the pack the bartender he had hired for the night passed him a drink with a smile. He lifted his glass to the man and smiled again before disappearing back into the crowd to mingle.

He paused as he noticed a large cake. Tony frowned as he looked at the number on it. A big fat four – zero. Ugly number. His face scrunched up a little bit as he moved to stand right in front of it. He noticed a server was standing by it. “Looks good.” He said pointing up at it. “Just gotta, ah,” he leaned up to reach the words written on it in a deep red icing, “fix. One. Thing…” He ran his fingers through the ‘40’ until it could no longer be read. “There.” He licked the icing off of one of his fingers as he examined his handiwork, “Much better.” He smiled at the server who looked completely shocked. Tony laughed a little to himself before walking off, licking the icing off the rest of his fingers.

Thor was one of the few who didn’t find it necessary to storm his way through the throngs of people to clap his ‘friend’ on the back. He smiled though as Tony spoke lifting his drink with a holler as Stark stepped off of his platform. He chuckled deep in the back of his throat and shook his head before throwing back his head and downing half of his drink. Loki had not been lying when he had said there were other ways to travel between the realms, and this was momentous enough an occasion to come to Earth. It wasn’t everyday a world famous CEO turned superhero had a birthday.

He looked over at the man he had brought with him. He was positive that Loki would not be happy in the situation. Thor had brought his brother though, in hopes that he could lift the god’s spirit. Ever since they had gone back to Asgard Loki had been locked up and Thor could not see his dear brother like that. Despite everything Loki was still the brother he had grown up with.

“Are you enjoying yourself, brother?” He asked not taking his eyes off of the god of mischief. He didn’t think of the fact that Loki couldn’t respond right away. He took another swig of the drink in his hand and looked back around at the people that walked around. He had already been approached a couple times. People had asked for pictures and autographs, it was quite fun being a celebrity in this world and a king in his own. Most people though kept their distance upon seeing his guest.

He had indeed noticed his fellow Avengers roaming around the hall but none of them had approached, and he was quite content where he was, close enough to the buffet that he could simply demand one of the servers get him platefuls of food and large glasses of beer.

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