Lai and Tai ((Jenova's Soldier))

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Lai and Tai ((Jenova's Soldier)) Empty Lai and Tai ((Jenova's Soldier))

Post by Kina Morane on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:41 pm

Lai was walking in the field and suddenly got tired he lay down in the grass and flowers to fall asleep because he has no house he normally sleeps in the fields around his old home where his parents kicked him out. Lai woke about 5 am the next morning he started to walk around again looking across the field he wished one of his old friends was here but he didn't have that kind of luck all his friends were shot in a shooting at the school even though he is only 17 Lai lives on his own and is able to go to school. Lai looked around he didn't see much just some trees and flowers with grass so he decided to sit back down and read his book. ((I have no clue if you will be able to reply to this or not because it is a bit not openended sorry.))
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