One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One.

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One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One. Empty One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One.

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:29 pm

Levi smiled as he looked at the man laying next to him. Vinny looked so small, so sweet, so calm laying on the latge bed next to Levi. Levi sighed resting him head down on the pillow. Vinny was so mach smaller then Levi, althgough Vinny was a year olderthen him. Vinny's big blue eyes opened to look at Levi. Vinny sat up and ran a hand through his blonde hair before standing.

Vinny walked over to the dresser across the room taking some pills before heading into the bathroom. After what seemed like forever Levi startred to worry. Levi stood and walked into the bathroom. Finding Vinny leaning on the wall staring blankingly at the blue wall across from him. Levi walked over and kneeled next to Vinny looking at him. " Vin? You okay?" The other mans eyes fell on Levi, they were blood shot and dark in colour.

Levi helped Vinny back into the bedroom. Levi let Vinny lay on the bed. " Vin?" Vinny's eyes closed and he didn't say a word for a very long time. " Vinny?" Levi asked again worry lacing his quite words.

" I'm fine Lee go get some sleep." Levi could hear something in the other mans voice, and he could tell something was not right with the man. But Levi didn't say or do anything about it.

" Okay." Levi said laying down next to the other man on the bed. Levi closed his eyes and quickly driffted off to sleep.


Levi awoke the next morning to the giggles of his little brother. Levi placed a hand lightly on Vinny, finding him to be ice cold. Levi sat up with a quickness and looked at the other man... Vinny's face was blue and he didn't appear to be breathing. Tears filled Levi's mixed colour eyes. " Vinny... Vinny wake up." Levi sobbed shaking the other man. Levi felt like an idiot just sitting here shaking him, but he had no clue what to do. The other man had clearly been dead for a while now, judging on how blue he was. " Vinny, Vinny no, no no no you can't. You just can't!" Levi sobbed looking at Vinny's blue face. " Dean! Call 911!" It was not pften that Levi called his brother by his real name, so Ducky knew something really bad had happened.

Ducky quickly called and told them to get here fast. The little boy had no clue why, he just told them his brother told his to call, and that they should hurry. After a short time that felt like years to Levi there was a loud knock on the front door. Ducky hurried to open it. Men rushed in and looked at the little boy, who was still in his PJ's. " In my brothers room." Dicky said pointing to the room where Levi was.

An hour latter.

Levi sat looking at the man across from him, tears still steaming down his face. The man sighed and Levi dropped his eyes to the floor. Levi had given the man a fact name. You know because he was a wanted man and all. The man pulled out his click board. " So son tell me what happened here."

Levi let out a very shaking sigh as more tears started to stream. " Well he got up late last night and took some pills. About an hour or two latter I found him leaning on the wall, staring across the room at the blue walls." Levi dropped his head into his hands as he started to sob. " I got him back into the room, and... and he wouldn't say or do anything thing. I knew something was wrong. I knew it! But being the idiot I am I didn't do a damn thing! And..." Levi's voice broke. " And I woke up to him dead!" His voice went quiet as he sobbed,.

The man let out a sigh. " I'm sorry son." He said before leaving the house. Levi just fell over onto the couch acting like he was going to die.

Two months latter

Levi walked down the street his black hood pulled over his head. His feet moved quickly as her walked. He needed to get back to the house. Levi drated out of the ally running into the woods. His large wolf King by his side. As Levi got closer to the house he found foot prints in the mud. Looking at them closer, he could clearly see they were from a good 'friend' of his. He only knew that because the man never got new shoes. Levi walked to the house. The air was knocked out of Levi as he opened the door. As Ducky jumped into his arms. " Well how are you sweetie?" He aske placing the boy down on the floor.

" I'm good, we are all good." The boy grinned. " And some ones here to see you." Ducky moved out of the way to let his brother in. As Levi walked into the house he looked at the door way, where he saw his ex-best friend boyfriend everything standing in the door way. Levi could help but run over him.

" Kay. What are you doing here?" Levi asked as the other man pushed off the wall and hugged him.

" I was dying to see you." KC said. " I'm sorry to here about Vinny." He sighed. KC had knewn Vinny well. they had been best friends, the four of them. Levi, Vinny, Zach and him. But now those days were over.

Levi sighed. " We are all doing better now, but it's still har-" levi couldn't finish the last letter before he was kissed. Levi smile under it, not pulling away. God has he missed this sure it had only been two months, but still. KC pulled away and smiled.

" I missed you Lee. I missed you so much." Live smiled looking up at the older man.

" I missed you too." Levi said a smile still across his face. Levi rested his head in the croock of KC neck. He truely had missed this man. Two years, it had been two years since he had seen him. KC smiled and stroked Levi's soft hair.

" It's been to long Levi, way to long." Levi just nodded, not saying a word. KC sighed and let go of Levi. It was late and some of the kids were still up.

Levi gave a small sigh. " I need to get the kids to bed." KC just nodded and headed into the living room.

Levi headed up stairs to check in on the kids, most of them were already in bed, but others were still wide awake. Levi told them to get to bed before going down stairs to get Ducky who was fast asleep on the little couch. Levi took him up the stars and placed him on his bed. He kissed his forehead lightly and closed the door. Levi ssighed again and went out on the porch for a smoke. He looked blankly out into the yard letting the smoke burn in his hand, taking small puffs every now and again. KC came out the door and leaned on the door way watching Levi.

" You okay Lee?" He asked after a short time. Levi jumped and looked over at the other.

" Yeah I'm fine." KC nodded and sat down next to him. Levi's head fell over onto KC's sholder. " KC what if they find me? What if they find us?"

" Levi what do you mean."

" I'm wanted KC, I've been wanted for six fucking years! What is they find us? What will happen to the kids?" Levi asked looking at the building behind him.

" Levi I don't think there going to find you. They haven't yet, and you have this place under Lenny's name." Levi nodded.

" Yeah that is true." He sighed and stood up from the porch before heading into the house. KC followed before Levi turned to walk up the stairs KC stopped him. Seeing the tears in the others eyes.

" Levi?" He said in a quiet voice. Levi's head dropped to KC's sholder. " Levi please don't cry." Levi just sighed and kept his head there. Not many tears fell, but KC could tell he was still upset. KC sighed and rubbed Levi's back. Can I blame him for crying, he just lost his lover. I mean how messed up would I be if Levi died? KC picked Levi up and headed up the stairs. Levi liftes his head with a smile and kissed him. KC turned into Levi's room and closed the door before placing the small boy on the bed.

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One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One. Empty Chpter Two

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:24 am

Levi grinned when he was placed on bis bed. KC laied down next to him. " I love you Kay." KC smiled.

" I love you too levi." Levi looked over at him. Lust in his oddly colored eyes. KC gave a smile and pulled Levi over too him. Levi gave a grin and kissed him. KC chuckled under the kiss and pulled away. " You act like a happy little kid Levi."

" Shut up and kiss me."

KC laughed. " Demanding!" He chuckled befor e he kissed Levi again. Pushing his tongue into Levi's mouth. Levi's hands ran up KC's alread shirtless stomach. KC grinned under the kiss and ran his hand over Levi's back. Hitting a spot that make Levi wince. KC pulled away. " Levi what's wrong?"

Levi shook his head. " Nothing." KC frowned and pulled off Levi's shirt finding a large black and blue bruise.

" Levi what happened?"

" I was being chased and I fell." He felt stupid.

" By who?"

" The cops."

KC sighed and shook his head. " You need to be careful Levi." Levi gave a small nod. KC kissed him again lightly before felling something jump on the bed. KC looked over to see a large animal standing over them growling. " King!" KC said with a laugh. " It's me." The wolves ears whent up and his tail started to wag. " You just a pup when I saw you last." KC patted the wolf's head.

" King get down." Levi said with a chuckled and t]he was gone. " Stuid wolves." Levi cuckled and kissed KC. KC's hands went up Levi's back again avoiding the spot on his back. Levi's hands went down KC's stomach, he slipped just the tips of his fingers into KC's pants.

KC grinned under the kiss and ran his hands down to Levi's pants, pulling them off. Levi kicked them off and smiled. Levi fiddled with the button on KC's pant's befor pulling them down. KC flipped over so he was ontop of Levi knees on either side of him. Levi pulled him down into a kiss again. KC smiled and ran his hands down Levi's body. His hands slipped into his boxers and slipped them off. LEvi grinned and did the same. " I love you Levi." KC said in a quiet voice.

" I love you too KC." He said kissing the others mans neck. And then there was a scream. King started to growl at the locked bedroom door. KC jumped up and slipped into his boxers Levi did the same.

" Levi!" Yelled the little boy from the other room. " Levi!" Levi fumbled with the lock on the door before running out into the hall and into his brothers room.

" Dean what's wrong?" The little boy ran over and hugges his brother around the waits sobbing.

" Levi there's something in my room!"

Levi stroked the little boys hair and picked him up. " What do you mean Ducky." He said whiping tears from the boys face.

" I don't know! I woke up with something over me. It had blood red eyes and big huge teeth. It tried to eat me." The little boy sobbed pulling his head on Levi's sholder. Levi frowned. " Can I sleep with you?" He asked looking back up. Levi gave a sigh and looked at KC. KC just shrugged. Levi took the boy back into the bed kicking the clothes under the bed as he walked. Levi put Ducky down on the bed.

" I'll be back in a sec okay?" Ducky's eyes went wide. " King will watch you. Huh King?" The wolf gave a nod and jumped onto the bed. Levi left the room with a sigh. He looked over at KC after he closed the door. " You okay with the couch.?" KC nodded and headed down the stairs without a word. Levi sighed again and went back into the room. Laying down next to his brother who's arms were wrapped around the laeg wolf next to him, he had already drifted off to sleep. Levi closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Levi got up the next morning and looked over at Ducky who was still fast asleep. Levi quietly got out of bed and went out the door. " Stay." He said to the wolf quietly before he headed down stairs. He looked into the leaving room to find KC sitting on the couch with his sister Ella. " Good morning." Lei said walking over and sitting next to KC.

" Sleep good?"

" Could have been better."

Peater came down the stairs still half asleep. " You guys hungry?" HE asked rubbing his shirtless stomach as he yawned.

" YES!" KC and Levi said at the same time and laughed. Peater stuck his thumb up and walked into the kitchen. He seemed to be the only one in the house that could really cook. And he could cook! Every one in the house loved what he made, even picky little Kim. Sky came down from up stairs and ploped down on Levi.

" Mornin' cuz!" He said messing up Levis hair.

" Get off me." Levi laughed pushing Sky off him.

" How mean!" Sky chuckled and headed into the kitchen. " Whatcha makin' Peat?"

" Pancakes, eggs, and bacon."

" Yuuum." Sky said walking away. Sky was the funny guy of the house, but he could get really really annoying. Peater rolled his eyes and went back to what he was doing. Finishing up he left the kitchen and pounded on doors foor people to get up. All twenty of the house residents, sat down at the large table to eat. Laughing and giggeling as they did. All of the people in the house had known each other for at least a year. Some longer, and most were related in some way or another. They all sat around watching Sky make funny faces at the kids. Laughing their asses off.

" Sky knock it off before I puke." Jane said puncking his sholder. Sky looked at her with a funny face and she busted out laughing again. " Sky i'm not kidding!" She giggled. Levi laughed and got up from the table and fed the animals before he headed outside and lit a smoke. Luke walked out behind him and did the same.

" Why was Dean screaming last night?" Luke asked leaning on the wall.

" He had a bad dream I think." Levi shrugged. " He said something with lots of teeth and blood red eyes tries to eat him." Levi looked over at Luke clearly confused. " He asked to sleep in my room and messed up my whole night."

Luke busted out laughing. " I take it you and KC were getting it on when he screamed."

" Shut up!" Levi tossed a rock at him. " Little ears Luke little ears." Luke just laughed more and shook his head.

" Same old Levi."

" You know it." He got up and headed back into the house.

So sorry guys this one one shit. Please don't stop reading because of this one.

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One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One. Empty Chapter 3

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:20 pm

" I'm gonna go shower." Levi said kissing KC's cheek and heading up the stairs. Luke walked in running his fingers through his hair.

" Not gonna join him KC?"

KC's eyes went wide and he looked at the three little kids still around the table. " No." KC shot him an evil glear. " Damn you." He mouthed to the other man and headed up the stairs. KC carefully opened the door to the bthroom just after Levi had closed it and slipped into the room. " Luke needs to keep his trap shut some times. I mean I'm fine with him messing around with us and stuff like that. but not bringing stuff up when the kids are around." KC stopped to pull off his shirt. " It pisses he off ya' know."

Levi sighed and nodded. " Yeah I know what you mean. It makes me mad too. 'Cause yeah they know we're together, but even Ducky and Key know what sex is. So he needs to keep his big mouth shut." KC nodded as he turned on the water.

" Yep." He said turning to the other man and kissing him lightly before stepping into the shower. Levi followed. " Do you really think Ducky saw something last night?"

" I really don't know, he's never done that before. I think he walked into the room when Jule and Jake were watching that movie and it juse scared him."

KC shrugged. " I have no clue. But he was white as a sheep when he ran out into the hall."

" Yeah, you think I didn't see that?" KC shook his head. " I just hope it doesn't happen again. That really sucked."

" Yes it did." KC chuckled as he washed his hair and turned to the shower head. Switching spots with Levi after. " I love you." He said kissing him.

Levi gave a smile. " I love you too." He said has he was pulled into the other. Levi kissed KC back as the water beat onto his back. Levi let out a small moan when he felt KC's hand on his ass. KC ran his hand to the front of Levi's leg. Levi's hand slid down to his. " KC not right now." KC pulled away looked down at him with a sigh and a nod. They finished up and KC got out pulling on his boxers and his jeans. KC dried out his hair the best be could with the towel. He sat down on the chair and waited for Levi to get out. Levi hopped out shortly after KC had gotten out. Levi pulled on his boxers his shorts and his white tank top before pullking out the hair dryer. He dried his hair and handed it to KC who did the same. KC opened to door and headed out, going down stairs and sitting on the couch.


Levi pushed Ducky's blonde hair out off of his forehead and kissing his cheek. " I love you Ducky sweet dreams." He patted the head of the white wolf laying next to the boy. " Killer will keep everything away." The boy nodded and wrapped his arms around the animal, and tucking his face into it's furn. Levi smiled and left the room. He checked in on all of the other kids. Levi walked into Keykey's room and smiled down at the little girl. " Good night sweet heart." He said kissing her forehead. " Love you." Levi patted the small dog next to her getting a growl. " Oh hush Spike." He said before walking out. Levi sighed and went into his room after checking in on most of the younger kids. Sky and Jule had the door locked so he didn't bug either of then, and the other teens he left alone. Levi pulled off his shirt and pulled on a pair of sweat pants before laying down next to KC and watching the small Tv.

" Every one in bed?"

" For the most part." Levi shrgged. " Didn't bother the most of them." Kc nodded and looked back to the TV, but then soon back to Levi. Levi's eyes were on the TV and he didn't notice KC looking at him. KC's hand went over to Levi hand he ran his fingers over his chest and stomach. Levi looked over at him with a small yawn. KC leaned over and kissed his lightly getting a grin from the other. Levi stood and locked the door before laying back down. KC immediately pulled him over and kissed him with hunger. Levi moved over and got onto of KC kissing him back with the same hunger. KC's hands went crazy over Levi's body, his finger tips ran over Levi's nippels, making them hard. KC flipped over so his was ontop of him.

" I love you." KC said with a growl in his voice.

" I love you too." Levi took a breath then went back to kissing him. KC's hands went down Levi's body and pulled down his pants tossing them off to the floor. KC moved away from Levi's mouth and let his lips trace over Levi's jaw, and neck. Levi let out a quiet moan his neck had alway been such a sensitive spot. KC nipped and sucked at the soft tan skin as his hands still went mad. Levi groaned when his neck was bit slitly harder then before. " KC." He mumbled. Levi's hands ran down KC's sides and pulled off his shorts. KC grinded down on Levi's hips getting low moan from the other. KC's lips went down from Levi's lips down his chest and stomach, nippinp and sucking as he did, leaving small red marks in his path. His hands slipped into Levi's boxers and he pulled them off. Levi ran his hands down KC's side and did the same.

KC took Levi's member in his hand and slowly started to move up and down it. Levi's arms went up to rest on his sholders. " Just fuck me KC." Levi said kissing the other lightly. KC chuckled, but nodded. He put Levi's leg up over his right sholder and got ready. Just then foot steps walked down the hall out side. Their room was at the end of the hall, why was some one ever near the door. They then hurd Lenny's voice.

" This is Levi's room, but I think it's alittle late to meat him tonight, him and his boyfriend are most likely already in bed." Lenny was the oldest person in the house, and he was the one that often went out and picked kids and teens up on his way. " You'll be able to meat him in the morning." Levi heard the three taps of a boot on the door and he sighed. The two had set up a code a long time ago, long before Vinny had died. Three taps let Levi know that Lenny wasn't planning on bugging them. He knew just was the two where doing. The foot steps faded down the hall again.

" Well looks like their's some one new in town."

Levi nodded. " Yep. Now come on." KC chuckled and shook his head again before trusting into the other slowly. This was not either of their first rodeo's they knew just what they were doing, although Levi was slightly touchy at the time. " Mmm." He moaned. KC started to move in and out of him slowly, but quickly picked up the pace. " KC!" Levi tried not to yell. " Oh my God!" KC picked up the pace even more. Levi moaned loudly again. He was glad their room was far away from the others. KC seemed to quicken even more moving deeper within Levi. Levi tried so very hard not to scream as he did. Hitting the one spot that made him do just that. When KC quickened the stupid boards of the bed started to squeek. KC could really care less, and Levi didn't say anything about it. After just a short time longer, both the boys came and KC laid down next next to Levi panting.

Levi leaned over and kissed KC before resting his head on KC's chest. Levi heard a small squeel from up the. Hall guess they weren't the only ones having fun that night. Making out the voice, Levi knew it was Jule, no wonder the door was locked. He chuckled to himself and closed his eyes, KC stroking his hair lightly.

Levi woke up the next morning his head still on KC's chest. He looked around the room and yawned before he stood and pulled on some boxers and shorts, he walked into the small bathroom next to the room and saw the small red and purple marks lacing is body. Wonderful. He thought with a sigh and walked back into the room, picking one of his more covering shirts. He looked over at the bed to see KC still sleeping. Levi smiled and brushed out his messy hair before heading down the stairs. He found a grinning Jule on the couch. " Have fun last night?" He asked her with a chuckle she nodded with a grin and looked back down too her phone. Levi shook his head and walked into the kitchen where Luke and Peater sat. The little kids must still be up in bed.

" You really need a new bed." Luke said with a chuckle.

" Yep and Jule needs to keep the screaming down." The three men laughed as they all drank their coffee. " So I guess Lenny brought some one knew in last night?" He asked looking over at Peater.

" Yeah some 15 year old that was curled up in an ally." Levi gave a small nod and looked to the stairs, seeing a shirtless KC come down like every morning. " Bro do you even own a shirt?" Peater teasted it seemed has if KC never had a shirt on.

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One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One. Empty Re: One Love Lost One Love Found Chapter One.

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