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Post by JENOVA's SOLDIER on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:35 pm

I have already started to see posts that are getting very short. In fact I've already seen a one liner. Remember... in RP posts... quality is a very important factor, the brings on the illusion of a story. The one that I have seen though is a first time offense so I will just leave this message as a sort of note. But I want you all to keep it in mind.

If any of you see a person post a one line post please screen cap the offending post and send it to me via PM. And send it to me, JENOVA's SOLDIER and not another Admin or Mod... because I personally feel as though I am at fault for any broken rules.

I will message people who make one line posts after I notice 3 offenses. And if you are going to send me a link or picture to the offending posts that break ANY of my rules, trust that you will be kept anonymous. I will not call you out, I don't want you all to hate one another. If you are going to hate anyone. Hate me. Feel free. I don't think I care...

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