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Post by -Kate on Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:55 pm

I'm not sure if this should go here, but, unless I am advised otherwise, it'll stay here. Wink I made this RP a while back, but, it sadly was never noticed and no one joined. I'm hoping it'll have more luck on this site, though. Very Happy

The Story
A violent race of highly intelligent and sophisticated aliens have come to our planet Earth and wiped out most of human civilization. The largest and most populous cities have all but been obliterated and much of the land has dried up into a barren wasteland where no one is safe. Those who were left after the massacre became known as the Survivors. Some grouped together and attempted to built a small community; others choose to stay away from human contact. Fifteen years it went on like this, a constant game of hide-and-seek against the aliens who had settled the burned-to-the-ground city of Los Angeles, now simply called the Capitol. Then, something happened that changed everyones perspective on what it means to be human- to have a soul.
A young boy around the age of seventeen was captured by the aliens and taken to the Capitol, a fate where death was certain. Yet, he managed to escape, but not without suffering the horrors of what was going on behind those black walls.
Human beings were now being harvested like cattle for their souls which fed the aliens insatiable hunger in the most brutal of ways. He told a small community of what he had discovered, igniting a flame that would soon become a maelstrom of rage and determination. The community discussed this information and decided that this evil could be allowed when they could stop it. So, they made the decision to start a rebellion, gathering as many allies as they possibly could in the process. This allegiance soon became known as the Resistance, lead by a man named Jonathan M. Stone. Together, the Resistance attacked many small squads of aliens capturing defenseless families, proving to the aliens that the human race was not as weak as they thought we were.
After seven years of growing in strength and size, the Resistance decided it was time to take this rebellion to the next level and attack the aliens where it would hurt the most: the Capitol. The plan of attack was simple; gather every possible source of help and hit the Capitol head on with everything they had. It was extremely dangerous and very risky, but it was also bold, giving the Resistance an advantage. It seems as if things could only get better with everyone so hopeful. We thought we really had a chance.
We were wrong.
The aliens had infiltrated the Resistance head-quarters and discovered our secret plan, attacking us before we could put the plan into action. The Resistance was devastated; the head-quarters was completely destroyed, and many outposts were as well. Those who survived the onslaught went into hiding, afraid to stand up against the aliens again.
This sense of fear lasted for another ten years before someone decided that enough was enough. A new recruitment has begun, and a new war is just on the horizon. They are slowly and secretly reaching out to those left out in the world, asking for their allegiance. The question is though, how far are you willing to go to protect to epitome of the soul?

The Rules
1.] Please follow all the rules. It makes things soooooo much easier.
2.] I ask that you stick to the story and not change it into some love-sick RolePlay. I would like to see a lot of action in this.
3.] BE REALISTIC!!! Hmm, all caps and three exclamation points… this must be important.
4.] Try to keep it PG-13 when it comes to sex and cussing. I'll be flexible with cussing, but, just don't go and drop f-bombs every post.
5.] I don't mind if you use my skelly or your own. Just make sure I accept it before you start roleplaying.
6.] I can and probably will add more rules if needed.

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