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Topic: Kina's Characters 1209842063_resoption1
Name:Kina "KinKin" Morane
Height & Weight:5'3 and 110
Hair Colour & Style:Blonde normally a bang over her left eye
Eye Colour:Green can change from light to dark depends on her mood they will sometimes be blue that also changes depending on her mood.
Appearance:Pale skin, Blonde hair, Green eyes normally wears a pink top and jeans of any type
Personality:Sweet, Shy, Protective, She is also hard to get
Weapons:DaggersTopic: Kina's Characters Daggers
One large swordTopic: Kina's Characters Invent11
a small gunTopic: Kina's Characters SmallGun

Abilities:She can read others minds
Biography:She was born in a small town she moved when she was a young girl.When Kina was old enough she started hearing things her parents were confused so they put her in a mental hospital. After her parents finally decided that she was better off at home they brought her home she then went missing for a few days. Kina came home about 3 days later she didn't do much but she went to school only because her parents told her she had to. Well that's it
Topic: Kina's Characters Anime-guys-with-white-hair-207167
Name:Wayne James Morane
Race:Angel,very pale
Height & Weight:6'2 180lbs
Hair Colour & Style:White hair Usually spiked
Eye Colour:Can change depending on his mood
Appearance:Pale skin, White hair, His eyes change, He has long strips of brabe wire tats on his arms, He has a cross on his back, and of course he has his angel wings that only come out when he is mad.
Personality:Very Protective but sweet he can be an asshole at times but other times he is a total sweetheart people often mistake him for some mean guy.
Weapons:He has 5 knives a sword and he always has granades with him just in case
Abilities:Super strength
Biography:He was born in a small town his mother left to take care of his sister, Kina but for some reason she left her to for a little bit and he lives with his father. He likes money and men but he also like many people he lived with his friends for a little while but then he left and went back to his father after some time he decided that he would be with his girlfriend but then she got pregnant and told him that he had to stay with her so he did. Wayne only stayed with his girlfriend till she had her baby then he left telling her that he didn't love her anymore that's where the asshole part comes in.He's gay and does not love girls hence hes gay.
Topic: Kina's Characters RedHairGreenEyesAnimeBoy
Name:Coru Mani Monro
Race:Human, Tan
Height & Weight:6'1 200lbs
Hair Colour & Style:He has unnatural red hair which is usually either flipped over one eye or spiked or straight
Eye Colour:Green but it varies in brightness
Appearance:He is a bit tan and has green eyes he has a few tats on his legs and arms two on his back he has unnatural red hair that is either flipped over one eye, spiked or just straight.
Personality:Protective, Sofisticated, Sensitive, Jealous.
Weapons:A large gun,A large sword,Steel knuckle,and Daggers
Abilities:Super hearing
Biography:Coru was born in a large city hes been a city boy all his life and wants more than anything to see the country but he has never been allowed. When Coru got older he went to London and stayed there for most of his life with his aunt his mother didn't want him and his father was a druggy so he ended up living with his aunt in London. Coru is finally free of his parents/aunt for good he plans on moving out of the city and possibly running a small farm. Coru is a man of few words but he is sensitive yet not too sensitive he is over protective of the ones he loves and will do anything to protect them.
Topic: Kina's Characters
Name:Raid (Ra) Korini Maclain
Height & Weight:5'9 110
Hair Colour & Style:Blue hair normally A bang over the eye but sometimes straight her hair color varies in brightness
Eye Colour:Varies on her mood
Appearance:Kinda short, Kinda tan, Blue hair,Beauty mark that somtimes is not there.
Personality:Sweet if you get to know her but she acts like a real ass at times she doesnt like many things people say about her but she will respect anyone who is nice to her. She is somewhat shy at times but at the same time outgoing she is a very complicated person.
Weapons:Claw,Steel knuckles,Sword,and gun
Abilities:She can read others minds,and she can move things with her mind
Biography:Raid was born in a busy town along with her brother Ray and her sisters Kate and Julie ((Both single)) Raid was named for something that no one has ever been able to find out she wants to be a army girl but no one will let her they do not like girls in this army and she really wants to be in it. Raid has never been the kind of girl to play with dolls she would rather be hunting in the woods Raid would be the one to walk in and be all what the hell is up bitches not at all sophisticated.
Topic: Kina's Characters Anime-guy-1
Name:Lai Ani Aril
Height & Weight:5'9 & 130
Hair Colour & Style:Brown hair and he normally leaves it do it's own thing he doesn't care much for his hair so it can vary
Eye Colour:Varies depending on his mood
Appearance:He has brown hair and green eyes that vary from white to black at times he is a strong young man who is slightly tan.
Personality: He likes to be by himself and as long as there are not too many people around he will not freak out but if there are too many people around he will have a panic attack. Lai is a smart boy who likes to work on math problems he doesn't accept help from many others and the ones who do normally end up dead because they pissed him off. Lai loves to party so I guess he's pretty much a party animal he loves to go out and have a fun time. Lai is also sweet and caring and has a real soft side to him but not many people can see that.
Weapons:Only his body he doesn't need many weapons.
Abilities:Lai can lift things with his mind making him able to win most battles.
Biography:Lai was born in the country his father was an army guy he loved his father but he also hated him he was beaten everytime his father was hime to see what the life was in the army when you disobayed ((Spelling?)) his mother didn't care about him he was alone in the world which may be part of why he has never loved anyone Lai is gay he normally goes to gay bars to find men to pick up he is a happy guy living in a not so loving world.

Sexuallity: Gay Lai loves men he is not into women and will never be.
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