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So, I'll post your last reply and my own. Wink

Dude, so not cool! Damon’s colour is red, pick your own colour XD and yes… I just threw all of those phrases through Google… but Damon wasn’t formally taught the languages.. so the butchered Grammar sort of works… it’s why he’s speaking in small sentences.

Damon watched every move the other person made, watched the way her muscles moved and the way her eyes changed colours. He had begun to idle count the number of colours her eyes had changed during the course of their brief encounter. A small quirk… that was what this counting habit was, a small quirk which could get a little out of hand when he was exceptionally bored. The way she laughed at him… it made his hate just grow stronger and stronger. It made him not want to laugh, something that he would very often do. It made him just want to get this over with, to finish her off and be done with it. And that is what he intended to do.
He didn’t make any comment to her first few sentences, not caring enough to bother. Also because he was trying to figure out exactly what he was going to do to finish her off as easily as possible. Damon had been told that the easiest way for someone with his select powers to kill a person was to implode their brains and kill them instantly. He had to be in a very close proximity to do something like that though. He would admit to it being and incredibly efficient form of killing a creature… but he had a feeling the toughest part of this fight would be keeping this stubborn woman down long enough for him to be able to put in the final blow.

After a while all Damon could find himself muttering was “You talk too much.” It was in a voice so quiet though that he himself was sort of sure that he had only said it in his head. But his head was so full of thoughts, so busy with concentrating, so busy with building the perfect map of the area… that he could hardly keep track of everything.

When she slipped into Latin Damon’s concentration broke for a second but he quickly picked it up as his mind processed the words that she spoke. Damon had been quick at picking up languages, it was one of the things they taught him to try and calm him, making him more stable. He didn’t know how that would accomplish anything, but he had learned many languages in the past twenty-five years, and if this woman wanted to slip into different languages he would have no trouble coming back at her.


“Tu non opus ad. Ego non curare.”You don’t need to worry. I don’t care. He took a couple paces back as she circled him, not taking his dead eyes off of her, watching her every move. He really didn’t care about what she said, it really meant nothing to him. Age was but a number, a number that the two creatures standing in the room right now had nothing to ever worry about. There would come a day where Damon himself could use those words. He did think though… that being as ‘young’ as he was… was what gave him the advantage here.


"Tu ne m'impressionne pas."You do not impress me. The way she moved, she held herself in such a cocky manner, every mover she made was one that showed Damon how powerful she thought she was. It was disgusting to Damon… seeing this creature strut around like she was all superior. She really had no idea the kind of person she was dealing with. He felt his chest heave once, in an effort to keep his body from shaking from the rage that filled him so completely.

Did she not know… this was a practice for Damon? This was more training… they had been spending decades trying to perfect the science that created him. Of course she would be a sort of final hurdle. If he could defeat her wouldn’t they believe he was as powerful as he would ever need to be? There was no way that they would let him die. They had sunk way too much money into him to let him be destroyed. She was just a kidnapped specimen; as soon as they had DNA samples and sufficient notes… what else did they need her for? Damon couldn’t think of anything… albeit, he didn’t really care.

He was shocked, despite himself, by how quickly she could move with the force of gravity so much heavier on her shoulder, he knew that at this weight there was no way she would be able to take off and fly. There wasn’t much room in here to do so anyways. She was grounded but she was still moving fast enough to get one on the red haired man. He went to move his body back when she went to hit his face just to have her duck down at the last moment and go for his legs. From his tilted position she had no problems in knocking his feet out from underneath him.

His control on the gravity around him slipped for a moment as he brought a hand down sending a small pulse of energy down at the ground righting himself before he could hit the ground and upping the power he had been using before. He doubled the weight from what he had had it at before. This would be enough to keep a human being pinned to the floor and it was quite a bit more straining than what he had been doing before hand, but he had to hinder her in order to assess the situation and get this done with.


“Eíste anypóforos.” You’re insufferable. he hissed, practically growling at her. He was going to have to finish this up quickly. He would not be able to fully control himself for much longer, he was using far too much or his brain… within a few minutes it would overload and he would go into Over-Power and they would probably end up stopping the experiment.

He lifted his palm to face her, and he managed to summon up the last of what he could consciously control. With a small twitch of his non-gloved fingers the pulse of invisible energy formed in his gloved palm. It wasn’t as large as he would have liked it to be with his mind concentrating so much on keeping the gravity as high as he could, restricting her movement, and slowing her down. He needed to get a hit in.

The pulse in his hand was completely invisible, it was in fact condensed air molecules, brought together by a microscopic gravitational field placed on a small atom of air. It drew the surrounding atoms in without bonding them. It made them dense, it made the air thick. It was, in this state, thicker than the air on top of a mountain is thin, and it was very much tangible. It was solid enough that it could cause damage that it could make an actual ‘hit’. These pulses were a reason for a lot of the dents that covered the walls. And soon enough that was what this girl would be, another dent in the wall.

He didn’t, of course, mean for it to be some sort of fatal hit, just enough to give him the edge. Let him get in close to he could finish it in one quick blow. If they didn’t want her dead they would stop the fight as soon as Damon’s hand touched her head. That was how he would be named the victor, whether she died or not.


He sneered, "Das ist der Abschied." This is goodbye. He said, finally managing to find that laugh that had hidden itself in the back of his throat. And with that throaty laugh he threw the pulse. This was a part of the reason he had physical training, he could throw that thing with enough force that even without it’s natural ability to attract matter it would be like being hit in the gut by a bowling ball, a bowling ball that someone had thrown as though was a baseball, with the speed to boost.

The pulse itself was not affected by the change in the gravity in the room because it itself had its own pull. It would zip through the air towards its intended target. This God forsaken harpy’s Solar Plexus, where it would both be able to push her over and knock the wind out of her, which would be the perfect scenario.



Glancing over at the scientists… they looked amused but they weren’t reaching towards the dial that would Damon under. They were keeping him up, they looked as though they were expecting something… as though to tell Damon that he wasn’t done yet… there was still some fighting left to go. That look pissed him off and he could feel his control slowly starting to slip away. If this attack didn’t do it… he had no doubt that he would slip into Over-Power and their fun would be over like that.

But… he would have to wait and see.

Emma has every right to be cocky and strut around like she's all that; 'cause she is. xP Sorry this took forever and it sucks so much, I was really busy this week and my brain refused to work. >.> Perhaps this where you can do the break-out.

Emma sucked in a sharp breath as she quickly bent her spine backwards, ducking just seconds before the small ball of condensed matter hit her body. The speed at which she moved, however, was dramatically reduced from the doubled gravity in the room, slowing her movement to that of a normal human being. However, despite her disadvantage of being slowed down, she still managed to snap back up and bash the side of his head with her elbow, followed by a sharp jab on the back of his neck and a knee to the gut. Had he been expecting that, he probably could've retaliated her blows and blocked them. But, because she had the element of surprise when it came to strength and speed, she was able to get her succession of reflexive hits in. Jumping back, she raised her fists up in a prepared stance, ready to pounce as she bent her knees and watched him. The amount of gravity being placed on her shoulders was tremendous and sapped at her strength, weakening her slowly but surely as time trickled by.
Her wings, she had decided, would do her no good in this gravity as she put them away in a quick slip-stream, flinching as they slid down her back inside their sheaths. Her heart was pounding hard behind her chest causing her breathing to grow heavier and come out in soft pants as she steadily side-stepped around him.
"Es bonum, ego admittere," she remarked after a moment of catching her breath, flashing a dark smile, "sed non quod bonum." You're good, I'll admit- but not that good Rolling her shoulder blades, she winced as pain sparked across her collarbone and shoulder, looking down to see a long gash running up her chest from where the pulse must've grazed. The wound itself was not very deep, but just enough to draw out the golden liquid underneath the skin. I guess I wasn't fast enough, she thought to herself with a bitter curse, narrowing her eyes and tightening her lips. Showing an opponent you could be hurt was the worst mistake to make in a fight where your life was on the line.
Switching her gaze up to the scientists watching the battle, she gave them a glare of hatred and yelled something in an undetectable language at them, her eyes flashing. They needed her for more than just some final battle to see who was the top dog, so why were they doing this? She didn’t fear for her life, but this man defiantly had the ability to potentially hurt her. In truth, she did not know what he was fully capable of; then again, he did not know what she was capable of.
"I'll die when I damn well please, and not a moment before or after," she snarled in reply to his comment earlier, shooting him a firm glare as she began to circle hi again, placing one foot in front of the other carefully.


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