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’Supposedly this ‘blessed’ jewel was created by the Goddess El, the being said to have created all of the different species on the planet. This higher being who has been so vastly praised and regarded, by all of the different races of creatures, created this jewel for her people. She granted it to a single trusted human being when she was too weak to live on the planet’s surface for any longer…’

The reader, a blond warlock let out a sigh, flipping the page of the book he was reading. Here he had thought that this text he had found would actually tell him where he would finally found it. The young human who walked a couple paces ahead of him looked over his shoulder and cocked an eyebrow. “Is something wrong, Jay?” He asked. The warlock looked up at him and smiled that bright smile of his.

“Nah, I’m fine… this book just… wasn’t what I expected it to be.” He explained waving the book slightly. The human, Kaleb, nodded and went back to walking with the other member of their party who had not looked away from the path they were headed on, though it wasn’t shocking that the other man didn’t care at all what the other two were doing…. This was Damon after all.

He looked down at the new page he had opened it up to. This one… this one held a bit more information, his eyes quickly scanning over the page in front of him. He picked out one paragraph in particular:

‘It was given to the elves who brought it up to the mountains. They had sensed its power and knew it had been the Goddess who had blessed them with it. They brought it to the peak of the world, constructing a shrine to the Goddess there where the Stone is still said to be.

‘This is inconclusive though, because the exact location of the shrine has been hidden by time.’

That was actually a hint. Jay smiled, maybe this wasn’t as hopeless as he thought it was. He laughed slightly as he slipped the book into his bag. “The ‘peak of the world’, hmm?” He said to himself, looking up at the sky. He had heard a few elven legends referring to the peak of the world… but nothing where he could recall an actual location.

This was a step in the right direction because at least now he knew where he had to get these guys to. Now it was all a matter of tricking his teammates into following him up into the mountains. “Damon.” He stated. The red head looked at him for a moment over his shoulder so Jay decided to go on. “You do realize that you’re going the wrong way, don’t you?” Jay said with a smile. Damon stopped in his tracks and the other two followed suit.

“What do you mean?” Damon said a glare, his dead grey eyes trained on Jay.

“Yeah, getting a ride on the barge is the fastest way to the other continent. Where else could we go?” Kaleb said looking very confused by what Jay was saying.

Jay laughed and put a hand on Kaleb’s shoulder. “Now, now… Kaleb, I just have one thing to say… to Damon.” He looked over at the immortal, “Would you rather cross the oceans, an element that you have no control over… or the mountains in the cold which you can control so well. I mean… you guys are traveling with a warlock, I don’t think you have to worry about how cold it is up there.” He said with a laugh keeping the smile plastered on his face. Damon hesitated and Jay knew he won.

As Jay expected, “He’s right… we’re changing course.” Damon said turning to face north and heading forward again. Jay smiled at Kaleb who still looked confused but followed after the long haired man. Jay, quite pleased with himself, followed as well, holding his hands behind his head and smiling.

“By the way, there’s a place I have to stop, it’s not out of the way or anything, we should pass right through it.” Jay said. He could practically hear Damon rolling his eyes.

“Of course there is.” Damon said in a voice just loud enough to be heard. It made Jay laugh.

There next stop was the elven capital… Jay needed to get some information on the ‘peak of the world’.


Phelan was confused for an instant. He would never let it show but the sudden change in direction was a little bit uncalled for. He growled to himself but headed forward changing his own path to north. The girl who wandered the trees above him looked down at him for a moment before changing her path as well.

It bothered Phelan that they had to stay so far away from the three that they were tailing. He hated that Damon had power that he didn’t have. He hated that the other could make maps in his mind and tell where everything was at all times. The only way Phelan could get close and still be unnoticed was if Damon was in a state where he couldn’t concentrate but that stupid warlock was not strict enough with the restraints on Damon’s mind.

“Phelan.” A voice came from above. Phelan paused for a moment before looking up at her, a breeze catching his hair and pushing it out of his face, making it flare out like a cape behind him. “Uh, why did we change direction? Where are they going?”

Phelan sighed and continued walking onwards, “Towards the mountain. Keep moving and stop talking.” He said. The masked girl with fiery orange hair nodded and continued northwards.

Phelan didn’t know why this girl insisted on following him as she did, it wasn’t like he needed her, but ever since he had woken up in her village she had stuck to him like glue. It was annoying… but at least he knew he had a sort of shield with him at all times, a girl who would gladly die for him if it was necessary.

The words he had been told, all of the little secrets of Damon’s replayed in his mind. During his pursuit of the other man he had been able to catch one of the assistants who worked on him and had managed to get a lot of information on the gravity manipulator. He wasn’t going to lose to this man, he had gotten a lot more powerful as well. Even though in the years he had been asleep he had not gotten any stronger in the few that he had been awake now he had definitely felt himself getting stronger.

’There is no way you are more powerful than Damon…’ those had been the last words of the scientist he had killed, and those words haunted him now, fuelled his rage and made him so sure that killing Damon was the only thing he could do.

That was never going to sit well. This was no longer just about getting rid of everything that those scientists held dear to them… this was now to prove exactly how powerful he was.


Alexander let out a sigh, resting his chin on his hand as he idly flipped pages in the report he had been given. This was not looking up as much as he thought it would… he had been expecting more reliable results by now. “The peak of the world… Where are you…?” He asked himself quietly. There was a knock on the door. He said nothing.

The door opened none the less and a tall brunette warlock stepped in, bowing to Alexander as he did so. “Samuel has figured it out.” He said keeping his head bowed. Alexander didn’t react immediately, standing slowly and smoothing out his jacket. He walked around to the other side of his desk and smoothed out his hair with gloved hands.

“Thank you Lucien. Please come with me.” He said before walking out of his office down to the elevator at the end of the hallway. Lucien pressed the button that read ‘B2’, Samuel’s laboratory. Alexander kept his eyes on the reflective surface of the elevator doors as it silently brought them down to where Samuel waited with information that would, for once, make Alexander happy.

In the past few months there had been so few things he wanted. This was one of them… the Goddess Stone. With it… the world was his.

His thoughts drifted to the corpse of the silver haired man that sat in a room higher up in the building… another something he was slowly working towards. If this stone was real he was sure there would be no problem in bringing the man back, in creating a new civilization of men like the one he kept. His own utopia.

‘It is said the when a human being is in possession of the Goddess Stone they are granted the powers of the Goddess herself, making them the most powerful creature on the planet. A God or Goddess on earth.’ Alexander reread in his head. The words were burned into his very core; these were the words that drove him forward, even as the elevator lowered him below the ground.

The door opened and Alexander walked out, Lucien a pace behind him. Samuel was waiting for him not very far from the elevator. The bespectacled scientist smiled brightly at Alexander as he led the powerful man into a room where a large monitor projected a map of the continent. Maps also lined the table in front of him.

Samuel walked over to the table and sat down, pointing at a spot on the map, “It’s here. Elven lore speaks of this mountain as get this, ‘the peak of the world’. We’ve done some calculations on the mountain and have discovered a worn out path and a couple of caves that could be what we’re looking for.” He took one of the maps and pulled it forward so Alexander could see it. He had marked off three spots on the map of, what Alexander would assume was, where the shrine and the Stone were being kept.

Alexander did something that was rather rare from him, he smiled. A genuine smile covered Alexander’s face and he let out a laugh. “Good job, Samuel.” He said running his leather clad fingers over the markings on the map.

“Lucien.” Alexander stated not taking his amber eyes off the table. Lucien was suddenly alert though so Alexander continued. “Get my horse ready. You and I are setting out in two hours time. This is one more step towards utopia.” Alexander explained. Lucien nodded and left.

Alexander looked back up at Samuel. “As I said, good job. You can be expecting a bonus in the near future. ” He rolled up the map and tucked it under his arm before heading out in the same direction that Lucien had left. He had a couple of things to look into before he left. While he was out he figured he would be able to get a few other things done. There was an elven city that needed to be taken care of on the way.


Lars stretched, his muscled arms and shoulder flexing as he did so. He let out a sigh and opened his grey eyes. He looked at the sky from his window and frowned, something was up today. The way the leaves were turned… it was something he had been wary of since he was young.

He stood and got himself dressed; he liked how comfortably revealing his outfit was. What the old queen had worn had always looked so hot and unbearable so he was happy to have his chest exposed and to wear sandals. It was never very cold out here so it was always quite comfortable.

As he often did, Lars found himself thinking about how he had gotten to where he was, how long he had been where he was. Decades ago he had had no idea that he was royalty…. It had been a secret Narissa had not shared with anyone until she was at deaths door. He still couldn’t see the old queen as his mother… and day after day he was still shocked by the fact that she was.

He heard the flapping of wings and held out his arm, a bird landing on his arm. It chirped at him but he was more concerned with the roll of paper strapped to its leg. He took it off and sent the bird off on its way. He unfurled the paper and read it.

‘expect some guests. –Jay a friend of Kai Derac’s grandson’ was all it had written on it. He had no idea who this Jay person was but… but Kai he didn’t think he’d ever be able to forget. He laughed slightly… so maybe this was why the trees were so moody today.

He shook his head and walked out of his room. He took the horn off of his belt and stepped out onto the balcony. He blew the horn a loud sound filling the entirety of city. A call to all of his personal guard a group of ten well trained elves… he knew that if a human was coming into the city that they needed to be warned of it before hand. He walked back into the building and into the foyer where his guards would enter. Now he just had to wait for them.

Some of them got in quite quickly appearing within a few minutes, the other though, he knew would take a little more time. Some of them would be coming from the other side of the city after all. He could wait… he assuming it would take their ‘guests’ a while to arrive anyways.


Areli spread his wings wide, stretching his back and arms as he did so. His wingspan was an impressive one, his muscled physique just as impressive. He let out a sigh as his little sister Damia stepped up next to him. “Are you going to go now, brother?” She asked the older harpy in a quiet, rather tired, voice.

“Yes, I need to wake him up, get him ready… It’s the routine Damia, you know that just as much as anyone.” Areli said looking down at his little sister ruffling her very light blue hair which was a tangled mess behind her back.

Areli’s hair, the same colour as his sisters, was tied up so it wouldn’t mess up during flight. Something he did right then. He lowered himself before jumping into the air with his powerful legs and with one push of his wings causing enough force to ruffle his sister’s hair and feathers, he was up and flying towards the peak where Angel slept.

It took a very short time, before he knew it he had landed on the opening to the cave in a tall mountain where Angel slept. In a few weeks Areli himself would be moving into the network here and taking over completely as Angel’s body guard.

He stepped into Angel’s chamber and approached the bed where the white haired, ever young, harpy slept. He placed a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently. “It’s time to get up, sir.” Areli said in a quite but stern voice. He had always found that just this little prompt was enough to wake up the young harpy. Though Areli would be happy to watch over the angelic young man as he slept as well. Areli didn’t know what it was about Angel but there was definitely something that kept him wanting to look at him… something so magnetic about him. Something so… attractive about him.

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The Goddess Stone. Warren could hardly believe it when he heard his father speak. If it weren’t for the Knight beside him gaping, he would have thought he misheard. The King and Queen were ever serious, so the blonde knew there was no way this was any kind of joke.

Everyone in the Kingdom had heard of the Goddess Stone, and what it could do, but it was told as a Fairy Tale, to children. Warren himself had heard it from Amelia, his nursemaid, when he was a small child. But now his father was telling him that they had leads that it existed. And that he was being the one sent out to get it. All traces of brattiness leaving him at the moment, he straightened his back, tilting his chin up and giving a confident grin. He, the youngest son, the least admired one, was chosen for a very important, more than likely dangerous quest. His heart soared, but his face showed nothing but confident acceptance.

Fen could see right through it. As the Prince’s Bonded Knight, he knew every emotion that flashed through those pale eyes. There was eager excitement there, as well as hope, and pride. The twitching in his fingertips showed he was itching to leave already, but he wouldn’t give his parents the satisfaction of knowing so, shown in the tension in his back. The tall knight’s grin grew wider, and he leaned back on his heels, one hand resting on his empty scabbard. It was protocol to leave all weapons outside of the main hall.


It was high noon when the stable boy received the order to get ready the Prince’s horse, along with that of his knight. Each of the warriors had their own designated to them, to best suit their needs. Giving the two horses a quick rub down and getting them tacked up took no time, and it wasn’t long until Warren and Fen entered the stable, chatting excitedly about what sounded like a fairy tale. Knowing better than to ask questions, the young boy handed over the reins silently, bowing to the two men, who completely ignored him. That was odd in itself, if it weren’t paired up with the strange conversation and the provisions the two loaded onto the horses. Only a few minutes later, the two were off, not a word on where they were going, other than something they referred to as ‘The peak of the world’.

He had to tell his brother.


“Fen, can you believe it? Mother and Father actually sent us on this! I don’t know why they didn’t pick Lex or Solace. Probably because I’m smarter than Lex, and braver than Solace” Warren leaned back in his saddle, letting go of the reins. Their horses were going at a moderately slow pace, on a straight road. He really didn’t feel the need to steer at the moment.
Fen rolled his eyes, running a hand through his dark hair. His best friend had been going on like that for the whole two weeks they had been on the road. It would periodically come up in conversation, and though it was nice to see Warren with some actual confidence in himself that wasn’t just showing off, he really needed to shut it.

“Yes, yes, Warry, you’re amazing, now shush, you’re going to bore the horses to death, and then we’ll have to walk to the Elven capitol,” Fen sighed, shaking his head. Warren instantly shut up at the nickname, which he knew was used on purpose. It was the one thing Fen could use to control the wayward Prince. Though most of the time he didn’t bother to. Normally, it was the both of them getting into trouble. It amazed him that they were allowed to be together all the time, bound by duty or not.


It was about a days’ journey to the Elven Capitol when Warren decided to send the letter. It was very official looking, written by his father, to be sent ahead so that the elves would expect their arrival. Tying it to the leg of his falcon, Venari, he gave the intelligent bird its instructions before sending it off, both he and Fen watching as he flew away.
“It was a good idea to give notice. I mean, they need to prepare right? I’m sure they’ve never had something this hot in their city
before,” Fen said, still watching the falcon, until it was only a speck in the sky.

“I do hope you’re talking about me. If you’re not, I might have to have you hanged for your insolence,” Warren said in his best
impression of his father, causing Fen to turn to him, face serious.

“Of course, My Lord. There’s not a being on this earth as sexy as you,” he said solemnly, the prince laughing and shaking his head, Fen’s face splitting into a grin.


Footsteps echoed down the stone hallway, as Reid and his father made their way to the stables. The King was simply escorting
his son, filling him in with details on the way. He had a job to do.

Reid had always known the stone existed, and he knew his father had been longing for it, but as far as he knew, all of the leads had gone cold. Until now. It seemed that one small slip from Warren Lux and his knight, and their stable boy had blabbed to his brother, and the story had spread like wildfire, straight to their snake in the lions’ den.

Rather excited about this trip, Reid had a half smirk on his face. He always loved a challenge, and this would be an interesting one. It was also a chance to get out and… play. He never got to play with the townsfolk, though he wasn’t sure why his father restricted him from that luxury. When he ever did get to go out, he made the best of it, getting his job done, and crushing hearts while he was at it.

“So I have to find the Lux boy, befriend him, and travel with him to find the Peak of the world, steal the Goddess Stone from him,
and get back here.” He spoke slowly, easily coming up with ways to trick the other prince.

“Indeed. You shouldn’t have much trouble. Warren is said to be fairly weak-willed and rebellious, but you have to watch out for his warrior. Charming though he seems, he is trained to be suspicious. Your… talent, may not work on him as well as it should.” The king spoke softly as they emerged into the bright sunlight, both of them narrowing their eyes to adjust. Their footsteps became muted as they stepped onto the hard packed dirt, and the stable boy scurried off, not wanting to get in their way when the both of them looked so serious.

Reid’s horse had been ready for about an hour now, waiting patiently in the cross-ties. Unhooking the ties from his horse, the tall young man mounted in one smooth motion. Sitting tall and confident, he took the reins in one hand, feeling the animal shifting beneath him in excitement. “I shall not fail you, father,” he said with an inclination of his head, “Keep in touch.” And with an overconfident smirk, the Prince was off, hot on the trail of his Light counterpart’s heels.


It had taken him a while, but by following the course set by his father, Reid managed to track down his prey. He stayed quite a ways back as he planned how exactly to introduce himself to these two, and have an excuse to stay with them. He had thought about telling the blonde that the boy’s father had sent him, but he had seen the Falcon coming and going with messages, so there were many gaps in that plan. The stupid brat didn’t make this any easier; his tone carrying farther than it should in the
forest, reaching him even as far back as he was, trying to remain unnoticed.

After a while of debating, he decided to just up and join them, claiming to want company while he travelled. Nudging his horse into a faster gait, he changed course, deciding to meet them from the side, and wait until they stopped for the evening, to keep from seeming as if he was following them. This entire little game was about trust. And as far as he was concerned, he was the best con artist around.


Elision woke to hands shaking her, and was instantly on the alert. She lived alone, and somebody shaking her was always a bad thing. Nobody should be in her home. Sitting bolt upright, she turned to see her younger sister sitting beside her. Letting out a sigh, she propped herself up on her palm. “What are you doing here?” Elision asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her pointed ear.

“Lars called a few minutes ago. I can’t believe you didn’t hear it. I was passing by, and since you didn’t leave, I figured I’d keep you out of trouble,” the younger elf replied easily. Elision’s eyes widened slightly and she jumped up, throwing on her clothes at top speed.

“I can’t believe I slept through that either!” she hissed, grabbing what she needed before heading out the door, her sister following. “I’ll see you later, thanks!” she called over her shoulder after closing the door, starting down the street. She wasn’t too far from where she knew they were to meet, so she figured she wouldn’t be any later than some of the others. She mentally chided herself as she walked, using a quick pace. Truthfully, she hadn’t slept well the night before, so it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise that she had slept through the horn, despite being a light sleeper.


It was only three minutes later that she was joining the majority of Lars’ guard in the foyer. “Good morning Sir,” she said quietly, with a respectful nod. She was a generally quiet person, but fairly stubborn, and very level-headed.
Standing with her hands clasped behind her back, she glanced around the room, rather curious as to why they were being assembled. There was usually a reason, and it would be interesting to see something different going on here. It was always
exciting when things happened. Things out of the ordinary, that smelled of adventure.


Angel was asleep, curled with his knees to his chest, one arm bent underneath his head, and the other tucked between his chest and knees, also bent up against him. His wings were folded carefully against his back, so as not to be crushed underneath him while he slept. His breathing was slow and even, and he nuzzled into his arm slightly, letting out a light sigh in his sleep.
Being a light sleeper, he woke to the feeling of the gentle, warm hand on his shoulder, and the quiet voice speaking to him. He cracked one eye open a sliver, peering up at Areli through his lashes. He let out a soft noise, shifting to sit up, blinking blearily. He brought a pale hand up to rub at his eyes, propping himself up with the other hand.

“Good morning, Areli,” he said sleepily, stretching his wings out slightly, giving them a bit of a shake. He stifled a yawn with one hand, eyes closing as he did so, running a hand through his hair afterwards. It was always a bit of a mess, but even more so in the mornings. He had been told it was cute, but he had no idea why people would find it so.

Angel sat himself up a bit more, stretching his legs out, as they were always a bit cramped after sleeping curled up like he did. He was always quite sleepy after just waking up, but he also felt rather well-rested, and he knew it was time for him to be up anyways. He knew the routine, and it was quite nice, really. He was very well looked after here in the mountains. He liked it here.

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