Some of the things I've done in school. Every one seems to love them =P Tell me what you think

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Some of the things I've done in school. Every one seems to love them =P Tell me what you think

Post by Wolves-Rule1 on Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:33 pm


Love that pup.
Like she loves her ball.
I said I love that pup.
Like she loves her ball.
I love to pet her in the mornings.
Love to pet her.
Soft and silky fur.

Pencils and Pens

So much depends

A pencil or

Used to write

Make things I

Where would we

Without pencils and

Canine, hound, mutt pup
Dogs, little balls of fluff always cheer me up.

What is the opposite of this pup?
Only a poor breed people love to poorly talk up.

Is death life?
Or is life the only life we live?

What is the opposite of light?
Maybe all the things that are not bright.

Why I love Pitbulls
- They are sweet and loving dogs.
- No they don't eat kids.
- The're fine with my cats.
- Their jaws don't lock.
- I have one.
- They are beautiful dogs.
- Their fur is short.
- They love to play.
- Their colours rangs from white to tri-colour
- But most of all, because they are tough, and strong


Creeks, streams, rivers
Streams, rivers, lakes
Rivers, lakes, trees
Lakes, trees, sage brush
Trees, sage brush, bushes,
Sage brush, bushes, flowers
Bushes, flowers, campsites
Flowers, camesites, fire pits
Campsites, fire pits, hiking
Firepits, hiking, fishing
Hiking, fishing, trout
Fishing, trout, squirrels
Trout, squirrels, chipmunks
Squirrels, chipmunks, eagles
Chipmunks, eagles, birds
Eagles, birds, snakes
Birds, snakes, foxes
Snakes, foxes, wolves
Foxes, wolves, coyotes.

( My teacher loves this one.)
I Don't Understand...

I don't understand...

Why people leave others out
Why people are judged for who they are
Why people act with hatred

But most of all...
Why do we kill, when killing is not needed
Why we fight for nothing that is right
Why do people yell at others that cannot help what happened
Why can't people just care

Why I do understand is...
Why sometimes we have to run
Why the black birds fly high in the sky
Why the trees grow high to touch the sky
Why we all live and why we all have to die

I am

I am a writer and a dreamer
I wonder why people hate
I hear the calls of the birds as their wings beat the sky
I see the drakness around me
I want the people I have lost back in my arms

I am a writer and a dreamer
I pretend I'n not lost
I feel the hard ground under my feet
I touch the cool water in the stream
I worry that people will never care

I am a writer and a dreamer
I understand why we all all live and why we all die
I say that everything must be real, no matter how crazy
I dream that people will one-day love what they have
I try to do my best
I hope the sun will rise
I am a writer and a dreamer.

Black, still
Sleep, play read
Midnight, moon, sun, day
Bright, happy

Just because

Just because I'm Dyslexic
Doesn't mean I'm not smart
Doesn't mean you can make fun of me
It doesn't mean I can't read
Just because I'm Dyslexic
Doesn't mean I can't speak
Don't judge me for my slepping
It doesn't mean i see the letters all mixed
Just because I'm Dyslexic
Still tell me I can do it
Can't wait to show you what I can do
Just because I'm Dyslexic-- Doesn't mean you can't be my friend.

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